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Sunstretch by cryslara
Hey guys, long time no see! I don't frequent dA much these days but it's always lovely to drop back in every now and then. This was a commission from a little while ago for Rawriosu who requested I post it up here for him. I haven't done much of this kind of painting in recent years while I've been at Uni but it was good fun to get back into.

I hope you're all doing well!

Photoshop CS4 and a Wacom Tablet


I'm an Aussie studying Printmedia and Drawing and doing the occasional bit of digital painting on the side. I update my art blog much more often with scraps and progress pieces:
Hey lovely people,

I'm still here around these parts and I've even been working on some things that I'll hopefully be satisfied to share here soon. The art I make nowadays is significantly different to the paintings I used to do and I've been less keen to share things in the learning process. But I live and breathe art like never before and it's a little bit wonderful... so there'll definitely be more here.

It's interesting that I've swung completely from one medium to the other, I work almost entirely traditionally nowadays. Rather than dedicating hours to a single painting I've been working more on a range of things, trying to work out the kind of art I do want to make.

In particular I've taken to relief printing, carving woodblocks is amazing and has such beautiful textures and possibilities. And I'm currently about to start work on a major etching project which I am optimistic about!

I've started some early forays into t-shirt designs too which is rather exciting.

A love of bookbinding that started out as a little spark a few years ago has grown into a bit of an obsession that has me surrounded by cardboard and glue and books and more glue and it's all delightful.

In between all that I draw a page in my sketchbook every day (many days are awful but there's some nice moments too).

So while nothing has been suitable to post here, I am absolutely immersed in creating things. I have started updating my artblog again with sketchbook pages, bookbinding, printmedia and the occasional digital sketch. It's just all the little bits and pieces that are orbiting the bigger projects I'm working on but feel free to check it out if you'd like to see what I am doing.

You can find it here:

Thank you again for all the lovely things you say about my art. I rarely have the time to reply unfortunately but I read everything.

Love and hugs, as always.

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